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The Bansal Team can help when looking for Ajax real estate and will guide you through every step of the home-buying procedure.

We don’t just sell homes. We work with you to find a place that fits your personality to a T while also ensuring it’s the best possible deal. As well as the basics such as securing the best home for your requirements, obtaining a pre-approval mortgage and negotiating the best price possible, we also do some things that no other realtor in Ajax does. By working as a team we can divide duties such as administration between us in order to spend more time with you, our clients. Our prime focus on quality and not quantity. We ensure that we show our clients relevant properties that meet their specific needs and wants. All offers are hand-picked by our specialists who only present properties based on your specific requirements.

Ajax Properties are in Great Demand

Buying a property is a big decision whether you are looking to purchase for the purpose of renting or starting or moving your family. There are many considerations apart from the obvious mortgage decision such as employment, education, and crime rates which are some of the lowest in the region.

Although Ajax is a small suburb it has all the amenities of a modern city. Metro stations are connected to the wider network, all necessary public facilities are located close to each other in the central area and there are many schools and daycare centers known to be some of the best in North America.

The many modern townhouses are the primary choice for young families moving to Ajax since they are located in and around the town center but there are also more traditional homes further afield in the older areas.

As with any move, you should also think about future finances. Loan repayments, child tuition, and the cost of living should be factored into your total budget for your move even if you don’t require them yet.

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