4 Low-Cost Ways To Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

4 Low-Cost Ways To Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

When you undertake the task of selling your home, you need to make sure that your house is as ready as you are. And by preparing your house, we mean increasing your home’s curb appeal to entice buyers.

The exterior of your home is the first thing that potential buyers will see, so you want it to make a good impression. Updating your home may seem intimidating and expensive, but you can find affordable ways to modernize your home and sell it for a higher value with our tips.

Read our informative guide on the top four ways to increase your curb appeal on a budget. Our professional recommendations include factors such as a deep clean of your exterior, repainting, tidying up your garden, and updating your outdoor lighting. Many of our customers gained considerable growth in the final selling price of their homes when they focused on these four tips.

1. Deep Clean & Pressure Wash

Power washing can efficiently clean the exterior of your home, making it look brand new. With a pressure washer, you can remove any stains from your walls, porch, driveway, and walkway. You won’t believe the effect it has on your home!

Along with the aesthetic benefits, deep cleaning your house has health benefits and long-term value for sellers. The appearance of mould and mildew is a sure-fire way to put off your buyers and decrease the curb appeal.

2. Refresh With Paint

With the first stage complete, the second stage is to paint your house. Painting your home adds curb appeal as it brings a fresh layer of style and modernization to any house.

If you want to maximize your budget and curb appeal, you might want to prioritize the sections that you paint. You will not believe the effect that a newly painted front door can have on the rest of your home! Just painting the doors brings a new lease of life back to an outdated and aging house.

This fresh coat of paint will demonstrate the house’s potential to buyers across Ajax and maximize the return in today’s housing market.

3. Clean Up Gardens, Add Greenery

Nobody wants to move to a new home that appears uncared for and mismanaged. You want to project a positive view of your home. You want to make people fall in love with the concept of their own life in that house.

By tidying up any weeds and sprucing up your garden, you show your home in the best light. You could plant some new flowers, add window planters or add potted plants to achieve this. All of these little touches will bring a splash of colour to your garden, and buyers will see all the potential that your home has.

4. Update Outdoor Lighting

Changing your outdoor lighting is a simple way to increase curb appeal. Simply updating your current outdoor lighting can dress up your garden and accentuate your house in the evening.

Other possible options include adding a new and affordable driveway or walkway lights to give you a greater sense of security around your home.

A cost-effective way to update your lighting is to clean and apply a new layer of paint on your existing porch lights. These two tasks can reap enormous benefits for curb appeal. Although the impact of lighting diminishes in the daytime, astute buyers will understand and acknowledge the care and attention provided to the lighting plan.

Looking To Sell Your Home in Ajax?

At The Bansal Team, we are proud to help local homeowners in Ajax who are ready to sell their homes and start their new lives. In Ajax and across the Durham Region, we are known for selling homes to their highest value, so get in touch to hear more. We can recommend indoor and outdoor repairs and updates to help you sell to the price you want.

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