Choosing The Right Neighbourhood For Your Family

Choosing The Right Neighbourhood For Your Family

The neighbourhood you choose to live in is key when it comes to buying a home. You should always consider the area, its atmosphere and the people you’ll be sharing it with. Having a real sense of community and neighbours who you get along with, will undoubtedly have a huge impact on your level of happiness and satisfaction.

Even the greatest house or apartment in the world can be tarnished by a bad neighbourhood and incompatible neighbours. You may soon find that it’s worth spending a little more or living somewhere a little smaller if it means being located in the best possible area for you and your family.

Things To Consider When Choosing A New Neighbourhood

You’ve settled on the city and you’re happy with your decision, so now comes the difficult part. There are many considerations when it comes to choosing your neighbourhood, all of which need to be accounted for when browsing the listings.

Commuting Time

In most cities and larger towns, most workplaces are found around the city center. When considering the right neighbourhood, think about if you’re willing to make a potentially long journey between work and home every day. You can also consider staying over for the night if you have a place in the city.


Similar to commute times, the school run can be a potentially stressful way to start your day. Look into local schools when determining the neighborhood you want to live in. You should also find out if the school bus stops near your home, or if you’ll have to drive your children in every day.

Walking is fine too, but many parents don’t like their children walking for more than half an hour for safety reasons. Neighbourhoods with school districts are encouraged for those with young families, as they tend to be much safer.

Nearby Amenities

Having stores nearby is a great benefit for any family. Going out to shop or running errands is much more viable if you can walk or drive there in less than 10 minutes. Similarly, gas stations, restaurants and hospitals are all places you’ll want to be able to get to when necessary.

Whether you run out of gas or you have a medical emergency, proximity to facilities can make all the difference. Make sure your area provides the proper amenities necessary for you and your family.

Crime Rates

When moving to a new city, crime rates can be a bit daunting. Figure out what the crime rates of each neighbourhood in your chosen city are like, and take the proper steps to keep you and your family safe.

Future Development & Housing Prices

Price is one of the main considerations when buying or renting a house. Homes in nicer areas with more space will likely have higher prices. However, smaller houses can be a great investment if there’s an opportunity for development such as extensions and renovations.

Find out what each neighbourhood’s home improvement policy is and choose the best property available within your price range.

Property Types

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the right neighbourhood: Which property type would be ideal for you and your family? Do you want a detached house, a semi-detached house, or a townhouse? You should also think about how much privacy you would like to have, and the general structure of your ideal home.

Looking To Buy A Home In Pickering Or The Durham Region?

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Looking for a new home can be daunting, which is why we’re dedicated to making your housing dreams become a reality. Contact us today and see how we can change your life for the better!

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