What Cities Are In The Durham Region?

Cities of Durham Region

The Durham Region, known officially as the Regional Municipality of Durham, is a subdivision of Southern Ontario. Durham, named after the English county of the same name, is one of Canada’s fastest-growing communities economically and in regards to population. As of 2016, over 645,000 people are living in Durham Region.

Durham is a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and wasn’t itself established as a region until the mid-70s. It is well known for its growing urban and suburban areas, made up of 8 different and unique municipalities.


With a population of over 121,000 people, Ajax is realistically the size of a city, though it’s still often referred to as a town. Despite its suburban nature, it is a thriving location of culture and economics.


Standing on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, this city is easily the largest municipality in the region, with a population of over 170,000 people who all call Oshawa their home. The city has cultural significance, seen by many as the eastern anchor of the Golden Horseshoe and the Greater Toronto Area. Oshawa is rich in culture with an abundance of sport and entertainment.


Named after Pickering town in Yorkshire, England, this is a small city with a population that barely reaches the six-figure mark. Due to its positioning relative to other major cities, it’s known as a great place for commuters. With low housing prices, an inherent love of art and culture, and the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station offering a large number of jobs, it’s a great city to live in.


Housing the headquarters of the Durham Region, Whitby is a town to the north of Lake Ontario with a population of around 135,000 people. Back in 2014, Whitby was rated on a list of the best places to live in all of Canada. With a great community atmosphere and a rich wartime history, it’s understandable why so many people love Whitby.


Scugog is known for being clean and green, with a high quality of life and many job opportunities. Known as a township, Scugog holds only around 22,000 people. Visited often for its manmade lake, Lake Scugog, this is a great rural township for those who want some peace and quiet.


Situated in a gorgeous, rural landscape, the township of Uxbridge is around 21,000 people strong and well-loved for its abundant agriculture and livestock. With a fantastic community that prefers walking to driving and an atmosphere full of heritage, Uxbridge is a dream for anyone who wants to live the rural lifestyle.


A former municipality before the amalgamation of Durham Region, Brock is a township of barely 12,000 people, making it the smallest township in the region. There are five different locks in Brock, drawing people from all areas to this small township. However, the main attraction is that it’s known as one of the friendliest places to live in the country.


Ranked number 20 on a list of the top 100 places to raise a family in Canada, Clarington is a lower-tier municipality with a population of around 105,000 people. Filled with history and an abundance of nature to explore, Clarington is a great place to live that is safe and affordable.

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