The Best Parks & Trails in Pickering, Ontario

The Best Parks & Trails in Pickering, Ontario

Studies have shown that being in or around nature can do wonders for your overall mood and level of happiness. Taking in the great outdoors not only reduces your negative feelings such as anger and stress, but it also gives you endorphins, increasing your serotonin levels and keeping you happier for longer.

Because of this, it’s important to consider your proximity to large parks and hiking trails when choosing the best place to live. Pickering is a phenomenal area for greenery, with some fantastic trails and parks to give you ample choice of where you want to spend your time outdoors. Below are some of the best parks and trails.

Waterfront Trail

Also known as the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, this trail is made up of numerous interconnecting dirt roads and walkways which stretch 3,600km long. The Waterfront Trail also spans up to 150 communities. Based on average walking speed, traversing this luscious and sublime coast-connecting trail on foot, from one end to the other and back again, would take a whopping 14 hours!

Fantastic for cycling, skating, mountain biking and any other trail-appropriate method of transportation, the Waterfront Trail is perfect for people who just want to become lost in nature with immaculate views of the lake, while not surrendering all modern luxuries and amenities.

Seaton Trail

Named after the Seaton community and originally intended to accompany the new airport planned in the 70s, this beautiful forest trail follows several fishing and hunting routes along the creek with an abundance of history.

In addition, the trail was originally used by the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada centuries ago. It’s a perfect place for becoming one with nature and returning to our roots.

Petticoat Creek Conservation Park

Spreading alongside Lake Ontario, Petticoat Creek Conservation Park is an incredibly unique location, acting as a corridor for wildlife making their way to the lake. You can find an abundance of rabbits, squirrels, and foxes, along with other exotic animals. You can also find nearly 70 different types of trees!

Petticoat Creek Conservation Park is the place to be, providing a wonderfully diverse ecosystem that few people-inhabited areas have in such abundance.

Alex Robertson Park

Full of trails for walking and cycling, this 48-acre park is situated on the coast of Hydro Marsh. This place leads by example, acting as the meeting spot for many activists looking to restore nature to its true beauty and glory. Alex Robertson Park is full of wide-open spaces and abundant plant life and wildlife.

With plentiful seating, access to the Waterfront Trail, and a cricket pitch, this area is full of luxuries and amenities, while still holding to its core values of conservation. It also acts as a perfect picnic spot or starting location for your hike.

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