Is Pickering, Ontario A Good Place To Live?

Is Pickering, Ontario A Good Place To Live

Pickering, Ontario strikes the perfect balance of rural and urban to give you the suburban dream. Nestled amongst Lake Ontario and the bustling city of Toronto, Pickering is a welcoming community of future neighbours ready to meet you.

The community of Pickering boasts a packed schedule of events that are sure to appeal to you and your loved ones. From the arts, to theatre, and sports, Pickering can provide everything that you might need to keep yourself entertained.

Pickering has not only enough to entertain you, but also enough to take care of you. Offering a wide variety of healthcare services, Pickering cares about every aspect of your health and how they can make life better for you. All of these services make Pickering a great place to live and start a family.

With countless job opportunities in Pickering and further afield in Toronto, many jobs can support you in starting your new life. Pickering’s strong economy and affordable real estate offer urban qualities that make it an ideal place to live. The proximity to nature adds to the rural and relaxed feeling that Pickering prides itself on having.

Pickering not only looks beautiful externally, but it is beautiful internally too. The Bansal Team can’t wait to show you all of Pickering’s glory.

Sense of Community

Pickering prides itself on being an up-and-coming city with a small-town feel. A large part of this image is the wonderful community that makes up Pickering.

Annually, Pickering hosts many events and festivals to celebrate art, culture, food, and more. These events draw crowds from across Canada to come and join in the festivities. Everyone is welcome to join the fun in Pickering, which is why it is so culturally diverse. This community accepts and upholds every culture and belief that our events and interests reflect.

However, Pickering has more to offer than just community events and programs. The mall, farmers’ market, and independent businesses represent the commercial side of Pickering. Here, everything you could want is at your fingertips.

Access To Healthcare

Over the last two decades, there have been significant investments into the healthcare services in Pickering as the population rates increase annually.

In late 2022, the Jerry Coughlan Health and Wellness Centre will open to the public. The center will join with Lakeridge Health and the owners of the Ajax-Pickering hospital, to provide additional outpatient and physician services to support this growing town.

Lakeridge Health provides premium healthcare across the Durham Region. However, to Pickering, healthcare is more complex than essential medical services. Pickering boasts additional services to help families, the mentally ill, and the vulnerable.

The Assertive Community Treatment Team is a unique service dedicated to mental health issues where treatment, rehabilitation, and support are available. For community support, the Carea Community Health Centre offers a wide variety of free programs available to all.

Together, all four of these healthcare services provide Pickering with the ultimate support to continue evolving into the best place to live in Ontario.

Employment Opportunities

For such a small city, there are numerous opportunities for employment and growth in Pickering. One of the biggest employers in Pickering is the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. It provides thousands of jobs to the community and is one of many companies that hold Pickering’s economy up.

The economy in Pickering continues to go from strength to strength. Job growth in Pickering was at an all-time high in 2019, with 34,807 opportunities available, reflecting the growth of businesses.

However, the job opportunities when you live in Pickering go beyond the city. Pickering is close to a major city, Toronto, which is abundant with job opportunities. With excellent transportation links available, commuting has never been easier if you want to work outside the city.

Nature All Around

Pickering is a beautiful city just on the northern side of Lake Ontario, providing gorgeous waterfront access against the plush woodlands. Sitting on the lake, Pickering has easy access to long beaches near the Waterfront Trail.

Waterfront is one of the many trails that allows you to appreciate every aspect of Pickering’s landscape. Combined with dozens of parks and four conservation areas, there is no end of places to relax and enjoy nature. If you’re the sporty type, this area is perfect for getting active as the wide-open space makes any sporting activity easy.

Looking To Buy A Home in Pickering?

If you are considering buying a home in Pickering and starting the rest of your happy life, we can’t wait to hear from you. At The Bansal Team, our experienced real estate agents are ready to start helping you. We want to help you buy and/or sell a home across the Durham Region and start your future now. Reach out today!

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